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How to Store Your Leather Bag

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How to Store Your Leather Bag

To be absolutely sure that no damage happens to your leather bags, store them in an area of low humidity with some airflow available.  To prevent mould and mildew from growing on your bags, make sure they are not exposed to any unnecessary moisture or excessive heat.  Sunlight can also cause damage, such as discoloration, to leather bags, so when storing them, keep them away from sunlight.  It is not necessary to store leather in plastic, as this could keep moisture from escaping and lead to mildew growth.  Be sure to never stack objects on your leather bags for long periods of time, for folds and scratches can be caused by the weight of the objects. 

It is always important to keep your bag in she shape you wish it to remain.  Folding your leather bag for too long can cause permanent wrinkles and folds in the material. Damage can also occur to your bags if they are hung by the straps for too long while containing heavy objects.  Leather straps and the walls and bottom of the backpacks can become stretch out and will never return to their original shapes.  Try not to store sharp, wet or heavy objects or objects that are too large to fit in the bags without stretching them in the bags.  These can cause stretching, rips, scratches and stains to the leather.  

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