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How to Waterproof your Leather Bag

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How to Waterproof your Leather BagHow to Waterproof your Leather Bag

Should your leather bag become wet before being waterproofed, it is possible that irreversible damage may occur to the leather.  Getting a leather bag too wet can lead to unsightly stains, spots and cracks forming.  In order to waterproof a leather bag, such as a handbag, simply spray the bag with a water-repellent protective spray, which can be found online at sites such as for low prices.  Use an acrylic copolymer spray to waterproof your bags, as this will protect your bag from water damage, while maintaining the original colour and shine.  Using alternative products can cause damage to the bags.  Grease-based rub-ons may change the colour and appearance of the leather, so these are not the best choice.  Similarly, silicone sprays make the surface of the leather feel slippery and change the shine of the material.


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