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  • Engrave Marker Engraving Pen

    Do you want to customise objects that are important to you? Then, use the Engrave Marker engraving pen to engrave sentences, names or anything you want on different surfaces (glass, plastic,...
  • Zero Dust Drilling Drill Dust Collector

    If you're tired of putting up with dust and uneven holes every time you drill, the Zero Dust Drilling drill dust collector is the solution to your problems. The built-in vacuum,...
  • PWR Work Cordless Drill

    Discover all the virtues of the PWR Work cordless drill. It works with a rechargeable battery and it's very easy to use. It's great to drill wood, metal or plastic. Includes...
  • PWR Work Cordless Screwdriver with Accessories

    If you're fed up of wasting time and losing patience with conventional tools, buy the PWR Work cordless screwdriver with accessories! A useful and practical cordless screwdriver that any DIY enthusiast has to...
  • Furn Force Sofa Savers

    The Furn Force sofa savers consist of 6 resistant and lightweight plastic boards of 10.5 x 48 cm each. With Furn Force you can give your sofas or armchairs greater stability and...
  • 360/6 Screwlett Screwdriver with Tips Dispenser

    If you love ironmongery and also like to have your tools organized and well-kept, the 360/6 Screwlett screwdriver with tips dispenser is essential for your home. It has a practical and convenient...
  • Banknote Check Fake Note Detector

    Check the authenticity of bank notes easily and quickly with the extremely effective Banknote Check fake note detector! Double verification and control system (ultraviolet and magnetic: UV+MG). Practical and easy to use. Approx....
  • Big Folding Stool Foldable Stool

    If you want an original and practical product for your home, the Big Folding Stool foldable stool is what you need. Thanks to its stability and firmness, it will help you...
  • Easy Paint Gun Paint Sprayer

    If you're tired of painting your house by hand, get the Easy Paint Gun paint sprayer now at the best price! It's a practical new paint sprayer you can use to...
  • Electric Air Pump

    Today we bring you a practical electric air pump that will solve your problems. Stop blowing and get this air pump which can be used for both inflating and deflating. This...
  • Foldabits Cable Identifiers (pack of 6)

    Don't get in a mess with your cables and easily tell them apart according to their functionality thanks to practical Foldabits cable identifiers (pack of 6)! Made of silicone Includes...
  • Folding Stool

    Buy Folding Stool at the best price. The Folding Stool is able to support a lot of weight. It will be used by the whole family, both by children and adults. It is...
  • Glutap Resistant Adhesive

    Buy Glutap Resistant Adhesive at the best price. This resistant and innovative adhesive consists of double-sided super-adhesive tapes that allow to stick all types of surfaces (smooth, wrinkled or uneven) in...
  • Lifting Straps Transport Straps

    Still don't have the Lifting Straps transport straps? From now on, moving furniture at home or moving house will be a piece of cake with Lifting Straps, as they're the perfect...
  • Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

    Discover the multi-purpose folding ladder, which will solve many a household problem! This convenient ladder can adopt different positions, making it useful in countless situations. A high quality, high resistance aluminium ladder....
  • Multipurpose Turbo PWR Work Tool

    Are you a DIY handyman or want to become one? Get the handy Multipurpose Turbo PWR Work tool now! You'll be able to drill, cut, sharpen, engrave, grind, carve, polish,...
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