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  • Click & Treat Pet Food Launcher

    Surprise your pet with the Click & Treat pet food launcher from the prestigious My Pet Ez range! Simply fill the container with food (or other type of reward), slide the...
  • Cooling Mat for Pets

    If you want the pets at home to spend the summer the best possible way, don't miss the cooling mat for pets. This mat will gradually cool and help your pet...
  • Fabric House for Pets

    If you want the pets in your home to sleep in a comfortable and practical house, then the fabric house for pets is a must-have. Once they enter, they won't...
  • Fabric Pet Carrier

    If you like your pet to accompany you wherever you go, you need the fabric pet carrier. It's ideal for puppies and kittens or small dogs and cats and you'll...
  • Food and Water Dispenser with Bottle for Animals

    Provide your pet with the best and get the food and water dispenser with bottle for animals now! Ideal for giving your pet more water, since the contents of the bottle is...
  • My Pet Bristles Pet Hair Removal Brush

    Do you have a dog or cat? Then the incredible My Pet Bristles pet hair removal brush will be very useful for you! With very thin rounded-tip metal bristles and a removable...
  • My Pet Brush Hose Brush for Pets

    Do you have a pet at home and need help keeping it clean? The fabulous My Pet Brush hose brush for pets is the perfect solution! It has a soap tank and...
  • My Pet EZ Protective Car Cover for Pets

    If you like travelling and don't want to give up your pets' company, the My Pet EZ protective car cover for pets is the perfect solution to enjoy them. It features...
  • My Pet Frosty Bowl Pets' Water Bowl

    Don't miss out on the My Pet Frosty Bowl pets' water bowl to make your pets happy! They'll have cold water for approx. 8 hours just by putting the removable...
  • My Pet Trainer Ultrasound Remote for Training Pets

    If you want to train your pet, the My Pet Trainer ultrasound remote for training pets will be useful for you! Button for turning ultrasounds on Works with 1 battery of 9...
  • My Pet Vacuum Pet Hair Vacuum

    If you're tired of seeing you pet's hair all over the place, the My Pet Vacuum pet hair vacuum is exactly what you need! A cordless vacuum which is ideal...
  • ONE DOGGY Dog Blanket

    Keep your pet out the cold this winter with the ONE DOGGY Dog Blanket | SNUG SNUG! A blanket with arms to small-sized dogs. The blanket is made of extra-soft polyester. Approx. measures (length x...
  • Dog Poop Bags (pack of 45)

    With the dog poop bags (pack of 45) you'll be able to walk your pet without making streets and parks dirty! Plastic bags 3 rolls of 15 bags each Approx. dimensions...
  • My Pet Ez Pedal-Operated Drinkwell

    Spoil your pets and reward their loyalty with the My Pet Ez Pedal-Operated Drinkwell! Your pets will be able to drink water straight out of the tap anytime they want, all...
  • Cat Toys

    If you want to play with your pet, the cat toys are a must-have for your home. Hours full of fun and amusement for your cat! Includes 8 varied pieces...
  • Dog Toys

    If you want to play with your pet and give them exercise at the same time, the dog toys are a must in your house. This set includes: a ball, a rubber bone...
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