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  • Booby & Tummy Shaping T-Shirt with Bra

    Show off your figure with this Booby & Tummy Shaping T-Shirt with Bra! Discreet and confortable, this garment enhances your chest and provides good support. It's made of a soft, flexible...
  • Brazilian Secret Bum-Lifting Pants

    If you want to have a firmer lifted bum, get the Brazilian Secret bum-lifting pants as soon as possible! Its push up effect will make you feel sexier. These knickers are comfortable, easy...
  • Chic Shaper Push Up Cleavage Enhancer

    Would you like to enhance your breasts quickly and easily? Then, the Chic Shaper Push Up cleavage enhancer is right what you need! Health and beauty in one Fit x Slim product,...
  • Comfort Bra Spring (pack of 3)

    We are introducing the unique microfibre bra which is perfectly adapted to your body and highlights your figure, without lines, marks or bulges. The Comfort Bra Spring (pack of 3)...
  • Fit X Slim Arm Shapewear (pack of 3)

    Say goodbye to those flabby arms with the Fit X Slim arm shapewear (pack of 3)! With this shapewear specially designed for arms and shoulders you too can have arms that...
  • Fit X Slim Men's Slimming Vest

    Do you want to have a perfect body? Save gym hours and get the Fit X Slim men's slimming vest. This T-shirt will visibly shape your body hiding all that...
  • Fit X Slim Reducing Undershirts for Men (pack of 2)

    Stylize your figure easily with the Fit X Slim reducing undershirts for men! Slimming and shaping t-shirts which are comfortable and discreet, thanks to their soft and flexible fabric which...
  • Sbelt Bra

    Sbelt Bra. Many women consider it to be the most comfortable bra in the market as it doesn't have inconvenient fasteners and it is very soft. You can also use...
  • Second Skin Body Sculptor Slimming Girdle

    Discover the incredible Second Skin Body Sculptor slimming girdle! This shaping and slimming girdle from Fit x Slim will make you look slimmer and feel more attractive and confident instantly! This girdle covers a...
  • Strap Nix Bra (3 Pieces)

    Buy Strap Nix Bra (3 pieces) at the best price. The mainuse of any bra is to hold the breasts without being noticed. However, this is not easy with so many...
  • Tourmaline Pants Slimming Panty Girdle

    Would you like to look slimmer with a sexier shape? Then, the Tourmaline Pants slimming panty girdle by Fit x Slim is right what you need! Its exclusive pants design and its revolutionary formula...
  • Fashion Securitape Cleavage Adhesive Fit X Slim (pack of 30)

    If you want eternal glamour with your most low-cut dresses but don't wish make any risks as to what can be seen and what cannot, the Fashion Securitape Cleavage Adhesive Fit...
  • Body & Breast Discreet Shaper

    Look better than ever in your most seductive dresses and skirts thanks to the Body & Breast Discreet Shaper! This comfortable and discreet body shaper moulds to the body perfectly,...
  • Crochet Bra (pack of 3)

    Buy the Crochet Bra (pack of 3) at the best price. Feel gorgeous and sexy all day long! Forget about wires, clips and straps, as Crochet Bra uses Woven Everlast technology...
  • Diesel 00CG26-0TANL-216 Men's Undershirt

    If you want comfortable, quality underwear, buy the Diesel 00CG26-0TANL-216 men's undershirt at the best price!  Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane  Machine wash (max. 30 ºC)
  • Guess Women's Briefs 00SQZS-0HAFK-241 (Pack of 3)

    If you like comfortable, high quality underwear, buy Guess women's briefs 00SQZS-0HAFK-241 (Pack of 3) at an incredible price! Composition: 95 % cotton, 5 % elastane Machine wash (max. 30...
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