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Bicycle Wireless Indicating System

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  • £24.90

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System that allows cyclists to focus on the road while signalling and turning.

Transmit signals wirelessly from the control unit to rear of bicycle. With Rechargeable Lithium battery, 3.7V 650mAH - up to 10 hours continuous work after one charge. 

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System is easy to use, and a breeze to set up.
Simply connect the wireless control unit to the handlebars, and attach the  Bicycle Wireless Indicating System light unit to the seat post.

One CR2032 battery for remote control, which can work up to three months.
One CR1225 battery for the brake launcher, which can work up to six months.
Super Performance, this bike rear light is shockproof and waterproof, it functions well under any weather conditions, suitable for mountain bikes, road bicycles, dirt bicycles, hybrid bikes etc.
Easy Installation, you can install the rear light successfully with the screw and bracket provided very quickly, no other extra tools are needed.

How to use:

  • Long press host one second to switch on (all the lights flash three times),and long press host one second again to switch off(all the lights flash one time).The left red light is flashing switch on, long press 3 seconds to Match Code(host showed C), Then press the any key of the remote controller to finish the setting.
  • Upward turns light-switch to left (the left light is flashing), downward turns light-switch to Right (the right light is flashing)
  • Short press the right button of remote control, cool graphics tall light will switch on/off (blue light flash in the middle).
  • Short press the left button of remote control, laser parallel line will switch on/off.
  • All the lights of host will lighten on when you apply the brakes on the bicycle.
  • When the left light of host is continuously lighting, It means the battery is low and needs recharge. The right light is on when the battery is recharging ,and the green light will turn on when fully charged.

Package includes:
1 x Wireless Remote Bicycle Light
1 x Wireless Remote (With Battery)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Holder

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System

Bicycle Wireless Indicating System

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