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Ice Cooler - The REAL ICE Bucket

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What is the Ice Cooler?
It is an ice bucket mould for making an ICE BUCKET MADE OF REAL ICE that will keep your bottles chilled for up to 5 hours!

The Ice Cooler is suitable for bottled drinks such as champagne, prosecco, wine, spirits and water.

The Ice Bucket will stay as ice for up to 5 hours at 70ºF/20ºC.
All this time it will keep your bottle at chilled temperature.
The melting ice is collected inside the stainless steel base.

The mould is 15cm tall and will fit in any freezer with drawers.

Great for Parties, Weddings, Bars and Restaurants!

There are endless possibilities that you could decorate the Ice Cooler with!
Try adding ornaments/decorations such as fruits, food colouring, sea shells, flowers ect!

Makes a perfect candle holder inside or out!

The Ice Cooler is unique and makes a great gift for any occasion!

The mould comes with a stainless steel finish bowl and a leaflet filled with instructions, helpful tips and suggestions on how to decorate your Ice mould.

The mould is re-usable so you can make as many coolers as you like!

How to make the ICE COOLER
1. Fill the mould with water up to 1cm from the edge.
2. Freeze for 24 hours, depending on your freezer setting.
3. Allow frozen mould to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature.
4. Turn the mould over and pour warm (not boiling) tap water in the centre cavity.
5. Discard the water after 5 minutes and remove the mold (repeat if needed).
6. After removing the mould, put the Ice Cooler into the metal drip tray.
7. Place the bottle inside the Ice Cooler.


Helpful Tips
For more transparent ice, use distilled water.
To shorten the freezing time, set your freezer dial on the coldest setting.
If the ice is rough or uneven when removing the mold from the freezer, pour a little hot water over the surface or fill the uneven part with water and place it in the freezer for another hour.


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