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Parrot Disco Drone - with Skycontroller 2 and FPV Cockpit Glasses


  • £1,249.00


  • One 2700mAh battery giving a flight time of 45 minutes so you can enjoy more flying
  • Up to 2,000m transmission range with CAA/IAA permit
  • Without a permit the legal range for a drone to fly is 500m horizontally and 122m vertically in the line of sight from the operator – see The CAA (UK) or The IAA (ROI) for more information 
  • Return to home function which brings your drone back to the starting position and hovers 2m above the ground
  • Three axis digital stabilisation to keep your video footage nice and steady
  • 14-megapixel camera for good quality pictures and 1080p high definition video

Special Features

  • On-board 32GB memory
  • Advances autopilot lets it take off, hold altitude and land on its own
  • Unique fixed wing design

    Why choose the Parrot Disco Drone?

    This ready to fly fixed wing drone gives you incredible manoeuvrability and flight speed as well as a long flight time. Get up to 50mph speeds with up to a 45-minute battery life. This drone has a unique design which gives you great flight performance with its plane like performance. With its assisted controls the Disco drone can take off automatically, avoid stalls with the anti-stall autopilot, hold altitudes and courses and land safely on its own.

    What can my drone see?

    With a 1080p full HD camera in the nose of the drone you can get amazing views of whatever you pass. Take videos or 14-megapixel images and store them on the large built-in 32GB flash memory. 3-axis digital stability helps you get the best image you can regardless of movement in your drone. Use the FreeFlight Pro app and control the drone from your smartphone or tablet. Get additional control and use the Skycontroller 2 or FPV Cockpit Glasses with your device.

    How can I transport the drone?

    With a 45.3-inch wingspan this drone gives you great flying speed and time with a single 2700mAh battery. When you come to move the drone it splits apart to make it easier to transport with removable wings and a foldable fan. The on-board Parrot C.H.U.C.K. autopilot uses a dual core A9 CPU with GPS and inertial navigation system for a great flying experience. If your drone travels too far away you can press the return to home button and it will return to its starting position.

    What advantage do the Skycontroller and FPV Cockpit Glasses have?
    Increase your accuracy in piloting with two joysticks and eight shortcut buttons to give you even more control over every move your drone makes. The Skycontroller 2 increases the range of your drone up to 2 miles (without a licence you may only fly 500m horizontally and 122m vertically in line of sight). The Skycontroller 2 is even more compact and handy than its predecessors so you can transport it anywhere. Use the USB link and removable holder and you can even stream the video from your drone to your tablet or smartphone.

    The Parrot FPV Cockpit Glasses give you a first person view, fully immersing you in the experience of flying with your drone. Compatible with a range of smart devices, you can use the headset with your glasses. With a thick layer of foam for comfort, this headset gives you live HD streaming from the drone with a side by side display mode and on-screen display with flight telemetry and data. See everything with a wide 90-degree field of view putting you in the pilot seat.

    How does the return to home function work?

    When you press the return home button on the app, your drone will fly back to the starting position using GPS, at the minimum height of 10m. It will continue to hover at 2m until you land it. This function is perfect if you have lost sight of the drone and wish to retrieve it.

    Safe flying is your responsibility

    We fully encourage safe and responsible flying. We recommend you read the CAA's website for full information on safe and responsible flying.
    The CAA (UK)

    Parrot Disco Drone - with Skycontroller 2 and FPV Cockpit Glasses


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