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UBTECH's Alpha 2 humanoid robot is designed as an interactive family companion capable of accomplishing a range of typical household tasks. Alpha 2 stands 17 inches tall, is 9 inches wide and weighs about 5 lb. Alpha 2 can take pictures and videos, make calls, check voice mails, read and send texts and emails, and control WiFi-enabled office equipment. Alpha 2 can also post to your social media accounts using voice commands.

Alpha 2, which is programmable and runs on an open-source OS, is connected to the cloud and leverages intelligent voice and perceptual systems to receive commands and execute corresponding behaviors. The robot is capable of simultaneous interpretation, voice search, visual interaction and providing verbal reminders.

Unlike some of the other companion robots set to hit the market, such as Jibo and Buddy, Alpha 2 actually has legs to move around. Alpha 2 has 20 servo motors that bend its joints, helping the robot be your personal dance partner, DJ, singer, yoga and workout instructor and more.

Alpha 2, which can operate for “more than 1 hour” per charge, can also tutor children and entertain pets, remind you to take medication and will integrate with smart appliances like lights, locks, and security systems.

Alpha 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android systems for remote communication and control. UBTECH is also supporting the developer community with Voice Apps (VAPPs) that you’ll be able to purchase from the Alpha Store, which should be up and running around the time of the first Alpha 2 deliveries. Developers will be able to submit skills or applications for certification in advance.

Alpha 2 will come with 16GB local storage, and there’s no need to back-up your data since the robot is connected to the cloud. UBTECH says Alpha 2 uses MySQL encryption to secure personal data sent to and from the cloud.

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot

UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent RobotUBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent RobotUBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent RobotUBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot


* Do I need a WiFi network?
Yes. You must have Alpha 2 connected to a WiFi network in order to work.
* Which wireless networks will support Alpha 2?
Alpha 2 can connect via both Bluetooth and WiFi.

* How do I charge Alpha 2?
Alpha 2 comes with an AC charging cord that works with 100-240V.
* How long does the battery last?
Like any device, battery life expectancy will depend on usage, but Alpha 2 can operate for more than 1 hour with typical usage.

* Where will I be able to download Alpha 2 apps?
Alpha 2 apps are called VAPPs, which stands for Voice App. You will be able to purchase these from the Alpha Store, as they
become available. Alpha 2 will also come with a number of core skills free of charge.
* Does Alpha 2’s app work with iOS and Android mobile devices?
Yes. Alpha 2 will have it’s own mobile app and can be downloaded for free on any smartphone that is compatible with iOS and
* Can I control Alpha 2 with several smartphones or computer?
Several phones, tablets or computers can control the same Alpha 2. Your Alpha 2 will notify you if someone else is already
actively using it, but there is only one device can control Alpha 2 at the same time.
* What is flawless function?
It is the ultimate selfie camera app that will automatically enhance your beauty in an instant!

* Can I backup my Alpha 2?
There is no need to “back-up” Alpha 2. Since Alpha 2 is an always-connected device it automatically backs-up to the cloud. If your
Alpha 2 ever needs to be replaced, once you connect your new Alpha 2 to your account, it will automatically have all the
“knowledge” and skills that your old Alpha 2 had.
* Does Alpha 2 come with local storage?
Yes, Alpha 2 has 16GB local storage.

Privacy & Security
* How is my privacy protected?
Protect your information from unauthorized access and have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and
disclosure of your information.
* How secure is this?
Alpha 2 uses MySQL encryption to secure personal data sent to and from the cloud.
* How does Alpha store information?
All the private data recorded by Alpha 2 is stored into the robot memory. Users can activate the backup on Alpha 2’s interface to
make a secure copy of the data online, on a secure cloud.

* What are the differences between the red and blue edition?
There are no function differences between red and blue.
* Does Alpha 2 walk?
Yes, Alpha 2 is a humanoid robot and can walk like a person.
* How tall is Alpha 2? How heavy?
Alpha 2 will be about 17" tall, 9" wide and weighs about 5 lbs.
* Does Alpha 2 communicate with other robots?
Alpha 2 can communicate with other Alpha 2 humanoid robots and all the Alpha 2s will have their own social network in the future.
We plan to create an ecosystem for Alpha 2. It will be a social network for your Alpha 2s allowing them to interact and share with
each other.
* Can someone else control my Alpha 2?
To remotely control your Alpha 2, you must log in with a unique and secure username and password. You can share your Alpha 2
to others and they can control your Alpha 2 by accepting your authorization.
* Can I give Alpha 2 a different name?
For now, you will have to call him by his name, Alpha, to interact with him. Name customization will be available in the future.
* What languages does Alpha 2 support? When will he speak other languages?
Alpha 2 will understand U.S. English and Mandarin when he comes to your home in 2016. Over time, Alpha 2 will be able to
communicate in other languages, like Spanish. We will keep the official website posted as we add languages.

 UBtech Alpha 2 Humanoid Intelligent Robot



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  • When will this Robot be available in UK Rds Oliver

    Hi, Ubtech Alpha 2 will be available in UK by the end of March 2017.

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